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Theoretically, in primitive times, a woman found it useful to be able to ignore danger signals all around her at least long enough for the sex act to be completed. For the other ones reading that are curious, read on. Also not a surprise: almost three-quarters of women reported better orgasms when they had clitoral stimulation added to their penetrative sex. But generally, birth control pills are frequently a significant problem for young women. For half a century, he had done little, apparently, but give women deep, sincere, life-changing orgasms.

To close the gap, we need to hold penetration and clitoral stimulation as equal.

Sex Positive Society through The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm

In fact, researchers viewing brain activity during orgasm state that it looks just like the brain of a person in the throes of a heroin high! As she talked, Daedone made a curling gesture with her right-hand index finger, a finger that knows how to play a woman like a cello. Eventually, Daedone brought Cherwitz, and us, down to a ringing silence. The idea that someone is repressing women keeps being mentioned by these feminazis. Of the 15 patterns presented to study participants, 13 of them were checked off as favorable by most women. No, it is not "proven" that female interest drops more rapidly. Why are we still steeped in shame about sex?

Delayed orgasm: the sexual technique that’s better than sex | Aeon Essays

Um, I was only responding to Gary's comment. Nightmare lipstick massacres. Throughout most of human history, females were regarded as the more libidinous sex. Despite pharmaceutical companies basing the definition of FSD on a study, the way in which these corporations twist the findings of the Laumann study make the aforementioned statement false. With regard to limited sexual interest within the context of marriage or a monogamous relationship, it is proven female interest in one partner declines more rapidly and dramatically than male interest. Testosterone is produced in the ovaries and adrenal glands, so levels can drop if these are removed or they're not functioning properly. I learn lessons the hard way.
Your personal experience doesn't really set a roadmap for all others. This is why some girls prefer to keep their hair short. No, it is not "proven" that female interest drops more rapidly. It wasn't even a topic in the article. Hypogastric nerve : the uterus and cervix in women, and the prostate in men. Both of us slathered in bright red lipstick from head to toe, bright red lipstick stained sheets that looked like someone was brutally stabbed to death, not like two lezzies just getting it on. As for young people, wrong.
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